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Mountain and remote

Power ascenders can be used for winching gear, weapons and other equipment and to gain access (ascending and descending) in difficult situations; like inclined and vertical terrain, cliffs, rock faces and slopes.

Case Study:Cavers use PME to secure clean drinking water in Croatia

Urban Access

Ascenders can be used to gain easy access to high and/or deep structure like buildings, confined spaces, shafts and cranes. Ideal for both overt and covert applications. Extremely fast or fully silent? The choice is yours.

Boarding and Marine

The Assault Ascender is purpose built for Maritime Operations. As a diver you can take it to a depth of 10 metres, approach the vessal (or installation) deploy a line with your line throwing appliance (pole, launcher) and simply winch yourself to the top. Attach the winch to a strong point and hoist up the rest of your team at a speed of 2 metres per second!

Every Actsafe ascender is built by an experienced technician in our workshop based in Lindome, Sweden.
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