At ActSafe we constantly try to ensure our distributors and end users are supplied with the most up to date information to ensure they can promote, sell, train and operate our products as effectively as possible. See below a selection of common FAQs to assist you with your queries.

Is the Ascender strong enough for rescue operations

Yes - The safe working load of the ascender is set at 180kg. Above this load the ascender switches off. Simply double the SWL by using a 2:1 pulley system; 360kg should be enough to pull a medic with stetcher and patient and carry lots of medical equipment. Simply attatch the end of the rope to the ascender (we made a special attatchment point), deviate the rope at the top by using a pulley and thread the rope through the rope grab. With the 2:1 pulley system we reccommend a Safe Work Load of 300kg. Of course your speed will only be half, but imagine that this is still 50 meters per minute! The ascender is completely watertight (10 meters) so suitable for the most extreme weather conditions!

I am not in the Military or Law Enforcement can I buy a T1-16?

No - Due to the tactical advantage the ascender has to offer, sales is limited to Military & Law Enforcement Agencies (and other official tactical government bodies as home office, intelligence units, etc.).

Great pictures, can we use them?

Sorry... not possible! Our pictures have been made by several professional photographers. Please be aware that all rights remain with the photographer. Use of any of the pictures (violation of rights) might result in high costs!

Is the Ascender suitable for covert operations?

Absolutely - Our Ascenders are fully silent on low speed. When you release the handle the winch will come to an immedate stop. Even on high speeds. The lights of the control panel can be switched off; the winch won't give your position away. In an event of an emergency you can be ascend into safety with a speed of 100 meters/minute up ore 145 meters/min. downwards!

Is it possible to swim or dive with an Ascender?

Yes - The T1-16 Assault Ascender is especially designed for Maritime Operations. It is watertight to a depth of 10 meters. You can dive with it at that depth for more than 2 hours. With the optional buoyancy aid inflated, the ascender will float on the water surface (without it weights only 4kg) and is neutrally buoyant at a depth of 6 meters. Ideal for tactical dives. Mounting the rope is easy. Even with diving gloves is should take less than 10 seconds if the operator is trained properly. The winch can be operated under water from a depth of 1,5 meter. So you can start your ascend below the waterline.

Every Actsafe ascender is built by an experienced technician in our workshop based in Lindome, Sweden.
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