Swiss Flag on Säntis mountain

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The Säntis-Cableways has been transporting passangers for more than 80 years.

Over 20 specialized industrial climbers with over 4000m of rope and more than a dozen ActSafe power ascenders will install and dismantle the 80m x 80m, 700kg Swiss flag on side of the Säntis mountain in Switzerland to celebrate the Swiss National day on the 1st of August, 2017. The flag has an area of 6400 m2 and is assembled in the studios of Heimgartner Fahnen AG, with 4330m of fabric and approximately 3500m of belts which are sewn with a total of around 60000m of thread.

Weather dependant installation is planned for 31/07/2017, and dismantling begins on 02/08/2017 - visitors welcome!

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